44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films

<strong>La isla</strong>
<strong>As ondas</strong>
<strong>Im Freien</strong>
<strong>5000 Feet Is the Best</strong>
<strong>Bobby Yeah</strong>
<strong>La maladie blanche</strong>
<strong>Jan Villa</strong>
<strong>The Wolves</strong>
Short and powerful short films play a prominent role throughout the festival programme and you'll find them popping up everywhere: as part of an installation, as a prelude to a main feature in Pathé and, of course, together in collective programmes in short-headquarters LantarenVenster, which has relocated last year to the Kop van Zuid on the Wilhelminapier.

How long is short? At IFFR a film is defined as 'short' if it lasts for less than an hour. Whether it's a few seconds or 59 minutes, a short film is precisely as long as it needs to be. As well as length, there's also a big diversity in subject matter, filming techniques and execution. There are fiction films, experimental work and documentaries. Short films prove that filmmakers play with a whole range of cinematic forms and ideas.

And the winners are…
The shorts have their own competition - the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films. In contrast to the other Tiger Awards Competition, the 'short Tigers' are not automatically for new young talent.

Next to the festival's Hivos Tiger Awards Competition, the short films have their own competition.

During the festival of 2012, 21 short film makers competed in the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.

Which short films will be selected for the competition in coming festival? It will be announced soon on this page.

Winners from previous editions of the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.

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