44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Jan VillaSH-2011 

Natasha Mendonca returns to Mumbai, the city of her birth, after the devastating floods of 2005. Alongside all the silent witnesses to nature's violence, she primarily records the personal consequences of this destruction and the way the disaster undermined the security of hearth and home. Jan Villa is not a linear narrative, but an impressive associative essay whereby the images seem sucked inwards as if in a vortex.

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USA, India 2010
DirectorNatasha Mendonca
ProducerNatasha Mendonca
SalesNatasha Mendonca
ScenarioNatasha Mendonca
PhotographyNatasha Mendonca
EditorNatasha Mendonca
Film formatHDcam
2011 Spectrum Shorts

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