44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

La bouche de Jean-PierreMS-1997 

Excellent scope-camerawork and a great soundtrack characterise this lugubrious and slightly tasteless look at life in a stuffy apartment. After her mother has tried suicide, the young Mimi moves in temporarily with her Aunt Solange. There is also Solange's fiancé Jean-Pierre, who feels attracted to her.

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France 1996
DirectorLucile Hadzihalilovic
ProducerLes Cinémas de la Zone
ScenarioLucile Hadzihalilovic
CastSandra Sammartino
 Michel Trillot
 Denise Schropfer
PhotographyGaspar Noe
EditorLucile Hadzihalilovic
Production designWilliam Abello
MusicFrançois Roy, Philippe Malurer, Loïc da Silva, John Milko
Film format35mm
1997 main programme short

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