44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Maria Theresia und ihre 16 KinderTS-2011 
Maria Theresia and her 16 Children

'It is the year 2010. Austria has developed into one of the EU's leading nations by purposefully engaging in science and research, art and culture and Empress Maria Theresia's non-military marriage politics.'
A never-ending rush of images from films, children's series, nature documentaries, commercials, scientific experiments and sports are used to convincingly support this hypothesis.

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Austria, Germany 2010
DirectorRoland Rauschmeier
 Ulu Braun
ProducerRoland Rauschmeier
 Ulu Braun
SalesRoland Rauschmeier
ScenarioUlu Braun, Roland Rauschmeier
CastLotte Poelstra
 Anne Juren
 Theo Seidel
 Milan Braun
 Stella Braun
 Niina Braun
PhotographyUlu Braun, Roland Rauschmeier
EditorUlu Braun, Roland Rauschmeier
Production designUlu Braun, Roland Rauschmeier
Sound designUlu Braun, Roland Rauschmeier, Martin Maleßa
MusicLes Lapislazuli
Film formatHDcam
2011 Rotterdam Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films International premiere

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