44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

To Kill a ManSP-2014 
Matar a un hombre

In their poor neighbourhood, hardworking, well-intentioned Jorge and his family are terrorised by local criminal Kalule's clan. Exciting, disturbing film confronts viewers with universal questions of vigilantism and the value of a life. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

Alejandro Fernández Almendras’ fascinating third film is based on a true story, making the unthinkable plausible. A subtle, yet impressive, psychological revenge thriller.
When their rundown neighbourhood is terrorised by a tyrannical delinquent and his gang, home doesn't feel safe anymore. Gentle forester Jorge stoically undergoes the mindless teasing, but his young adult son, frustrated by so much pacifism and passivity, argues back counter-productively. The family is driven crazy when threats are addressed to Jorge’s wife and beautiful teenage daughter. Tortured contemplation in his huge jungle workspace makes Jorge realise there is only one way out.
Almendras has succeeded fabulously in conveying what feelings of powerlessness and the fear and anger that slowly drive you mad do to a person. Not about murder, but about what it is like To Kill a Man.

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Sober verhaal, dat vaker verteld is: politie grijpt niet in, waardoor gewone burger, "Juan doorsnee" die rol moet overnemen. Maar deze film laat ook zien wat dat met deze burger doet.
Webreview from Eva on Thu 30 January 17:09
Chile, France 2013
DirectorAlejandro Fernández Almendras
ProducerEduardo Villalobos Pino
 Guillaume de Seille
 El Remanso Cine
 Arizona Films
SalesFilm Factory Entertainment
Print sourceFilm Factory Entertainment
ScenarioAlejandro Fernández Almendras
CastDaniel Candia
 Daniel Antivilo
 Alejandra Yañez
 Ariel Mateluna
PhotographyInti Briones
EditorAlejandro Fernández Almendras, Soledad Salfate
Sound designPablo Pinochet
Film formatDCP
2014 Spectrum European premiere

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