44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Local CopyPC-2012 
Nosskha shabeyya

The prostitute Marwa and her boyfriend agree to meet a regular customer, the student Adel, and his friend. The public nature of the spot she choses, the square in front of the Bibliotheca Alexandria, irritates him. A beautiful play unfolds in front of bystanders.

Director’s statement

The emptiness that surrounds man kind
A human being that creates to inhabit alone, visual realty is
transformed into actions, reactions, frustration, failure and
happiness a visual realty even to the blind, we see what we want to
see your own voice sounds odd when you listen to it on a recording
rather than through your own ears, in Egypt society inter a refusal to
do something as a refusal to obey its nature, a much stronger
statement than action.
Webreview from islam kamal on 20 January 2012 21:01
Egypt 2010
DirectorIslam Kamal
ProducerIslam Kamal
 Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center
 Figleaf Studios
SalesFigleaf Studios
ScenarioIslam Kamal
CastAhmed Mustafa
 Saeid Kabil
 Violla Fayez
 Sarah Shalaby
PhotographyTamer Nady
EditorIslam Kamal, Emad Maher
Production designAhmed Nabil
Sound designSamir Nabil
MusicSamir Nabil
Film formatDVD
2012 Signals: Power Cut International premiere

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