44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015


In Stoic philosophy, 'pneuma' is the 'soul' or fiery wind permeating the body, and at death survives the body but as impersonal energy. The images in this film come from an extensive collection of outdated raw stock that has been processed without being exposed, and sometimes rephotographed in closer format. Each pattern of grain takes on its own emotional life, an evocation of different aspects of our own being. A world is revealed that is alive with the organic deterioration of film itself, the essence of cinema in its before-image, preconceptual purity. (ND)

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USA 1983
DirectorNathaniel Dorsky
ProducerNathaniel Dorsky
PhotographyNathaniel Dorsky
EditorNathaniel Dorsky
Film format16mm
2011 Signals: Nathaniel Dorsky

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