44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Yi jia

Like in a fairy tale. A dreamy girl or young woman in a cottage. Cockroaches seem to be the only thing hampering her. She fights back with a coat hanger. Quite stylish, a coat hanger. Carefully made. Beautifully lit. Deftly played. Perfect poetic cinema.

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DirectorCharlotte Lim Lay Kuen
ProducerCharlotte Lim Lay Kuen
SalesCharlotte Lim Lay Kuen
ScenarioCharlotte Lim Lay Kuen
CastLai Fooi Mun
 Lee Cheng Seng
PhotographyTeoh Gay Hian
EditorKok Kai Foong
Production designCharlotte Lim Lay Kuen
Sound designAhBot@mosound
MusicLim Giong
Film formatBetacam Digi
2013 Spectrum Shorts European premiere

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