44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Our Broken Voice - circumstance

Flash mobs have become a familiar phenomenon. But did you know that there is a subtle variety called the subtle mob, aimed at remaining unseen? Armed with only an mp3 player this subtlemob takes you on a cinematic experience of twists and turns.

circumstance is a collective or artists that creates cinematic experiences in unexpected locations. Their backgrounds are in performance, theatre, interactive design, music composition, locative and pervasive media. But their focus is always on the social, political and emotional impacts of technology. Their motto: ‘try to remain invisible.’

When Thursday 26 January and Thursday 2 February, at 18:00
Where Secret location, sign in through the link below for more details.
Participation Tickets are free, please register via the website of circumstance.

Our Broken Voice is a project by Sarah Anderson, Lottie Child, Emilie Grenier, Duncan Speakman en Tassos Stevens (Coney).

A welcome taste of transmedia storytelling - Aesthetica Magazine

A glacial accumulative music score that would, alone, change the entire way you look at the Brownian motion of shoppers around you. But it's the moments of unexpected coincidence that really make an impact, the points at which everyday life and Our Broken Voice collide, apt images and happy accidents that you alone are witness to. - Realtime Arts

A subtlemob in Rotterdam

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