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Laat het maar aan Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich) over om boy meets girl een draai te geven. Vrijgezel valt als een blok voor... zijn operating system. Deze Samantha is charmanter, geestiger én slimmer dan alle Siri's en Google Glasses bij elkaar. Met Joaquin Phoenix en Scarlett Johansson. Publieksopener IFFR 2014.

In de nabije toekomst zijn bepaalde zaken onveranderd - het pad naar 'de ware' blijkt even kronkelig en vol valkuilen - maar de techniek heeft wél een flinke sprong gemaakt. Romantische ziel Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) ontdekt dat telefoonseks 2.0 en bizarre blind dates niet bevredigend uitpakken. Al die tijd blijkt zijn soulmate zich binnen handbereik te bevinden.
Deze Samantha is attent, behulpzaam, grappig én intelligent. Nou ja, kunstmatig intelligent, want Samantha is een revolutionair nieuw operating system, gezegend met het hese stemgeluid van Scarlett Johansson. Wanneer het flirtstadium voorbij is, komen er elementaire vragen en bespiegelingen boven. Wat is de essentie van liefde en identiteit? In hoeverre vormt de ideale levensgezel zich naar de partner? En vooral: hoe nu verder?
Jonze, hier voor het eerst ook soloscenarist, laat zich van zijn meest volwassen en romantische kant zien. Her is tegelijkertijd een liefdesverklaring aan het toekomstige Los Angeles: geen smog en files, maar wandelaars en stadsparken, en een metrohalte pal aan het strand. Her is openingsfilm voor het publiek op IFFR 2014.

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We actually don't need spaceships, planets and aliens for Sci-Fi, as demonstrated by this movie about possible developments in a future not that far away. Some problems stay the same, however, regardless of technical solutions, like match making, finding the right partner for life, and casual sex in the mean time. It all begins with a new operating system, called OS1, that is installed on Theo's computer, especially tailored to his preferences after a few questions. He is still coping with his recent divorce, and he suddenly finds in OS1 a virtual partner who responds like the ideal woman. Though nothing much happens in the first hour, the ironic tone is set from the beginning, and that is the approach choosen by the film makers to introduce us in this world resembling ours but not exactly. For example, whoever thought of a company called Handwrittenletters with real office cubicals where Theo works, composing and sending letters on behalf of their customers, and where Theo seems very good in his job. Apart from the 100% verbal interaction with computers, society overall very much looks like ours, so no overkill of new gadgets or other changes in society. Still, the process of getting acquainted with Theo's house, his work and his company, makes up the first half of the film, entertaining in its own right, not the ROTFL way but ironic between the lines.

This changes in the negative sense at the moment that Samantha sends a representative (not a hooker, he is assured) to satisfy Theo's more physical needs, to go out and potentially have sex. This part of the plot seems a bit unreal, even in the context of this Sci-Fi-ish story. This qualification may be unnecessarily harsh, since I must confess that I nearly dozed off a few times. I may have missed something important.

Luckily the plot fully recovers later on. That is after a brief but scary 10 minutes when Samantha seems unreachable. Theo is told that there was an “upgrade” necessary, a phenomenon that we recognize all too well from our own computers. The former ironic “social commentary” tone is back again, just like in the scene where Theo and his ex-wife sign their divorce papers in a restaurant, where the waitress is involuntarily involved in their comments towards each other and the rest of the world. An important development in the plot is when Theo learns that Samantha is not the perfect and dedicated woman he thought she was. For spoilers sake I don't reveal the exact nature of an important “feature” of Samantha. I must admit I did not see it coming, though very logical in hindsight. It closes the loop in this surprising film, that worked out much better than I had assumed when reading the synopsis.
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VS 2013
RegisseurSpike Jonze
ProducentMegan Ellison
 Vincent Landay
 Annapurna Pictures
Distributeur NLParadiso Filmed Entertainment (NL)
ScenarioSpike Jonze
CastJoaquin Phoenix
 Amy Adams
 Rooney Mara
 Olivia Wilde
 Scarlett Johansson
CameraHoyte Van Hoytema
EditorJeff Buchanan, Eric Zumbrunnen
Production designK.K. Barrett
Sound DesignRen Klyce
Film formaatDCP
2014 Spectrum
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