44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Frequently Asked Questions about Film Entry

The answers to most of your questions can be found in our Rules and Regulations. Please read these carefully before submitting your film.






Why does the Festival charge an entry fee?
As a non-profit festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam charges an entry fee for the submission of films due to rising costs. The entry fee charged covers the costs of processing and handling your film.

How much is the entry fee?
For short films (films under 60 minutes) the entry fee is 25 Euros (excl VAT)
For feature films (films 60 minutes and longer) the entry fee is 45 Euros (excl VAT)

How can I pay?
After completing the final step of our online entry form you will be redirected to our payments site. There you will be able to fulfill your payment via:
- Credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express)
- PayPal
- iDEAL (for Dutch applicants only)

Before when do I need to pay?
Payments should be made as soon as possible in order to complete your submission. Submissions which have not been paid will not be taken into consideration.

I have submitted my film and paid the entry fee, but now want to withdraw my entry. Can I get a refund?
It is unfortunately not possible to refund your entry fee.

How do I know if my payment went through successfully?
If your payment was successful you will receive a confirmation email with your invoice attached.


May I submit documentaries?
Please note that the festival selects very few documentaries each year. We strongly prefer creative, author-driven documentaries. In our eyes, such creative documentaries take real-life subjects as their starting points but require substantial original writing and explore an author's and/or director's own point of view. Documentaries made especially for television are normally not considered for our festival.

I made a student film, can I send this to you?
Student films (with the exception of post-graduate works) are excluded from submission.

I submitted a film last year, can I submit the same film this year?
We will not consider previously submitted work unless it has been considerably re-edited/re-shot. Please include a letter with detailed description of the alterations. Previously considered rough cuts submitted the previous year will usually not be considered the following year.

When is my film eligible for the Tiger Awards Competition?
Feature-length films (60 minutes or longer) of first or second time directors are eligible for the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition. The film should have its world, international or European premiere in Rotterdam. The selection of films that will compete is made by the programme committee.

When is my film eligible for the Tiger Awards Competition for short films?
Short films of less than 60 minutes are eligible for the Tiger Awards Competition. The film should preferably have its world, international or European premiere in Rotterdam. The selection of films that will compete is made by the programme committee.

What constitutes a Dutch Premiere?
Any public screening in the Netherlands prior to the IFFR dates will disqualify your film from inclusion in the IFFR. For our purposes, a public screening is any screening that has taken place in the Netherlands before January. This does not include private cast and crew screenings.


When are the submission deadlines?
The submission deadlines for selection purposes for IFFR 2015, which means the deadline for the Festival's office to receive all required submission materials, are:

Short films (up to 60 min.) completed before 1 July 2014: 1 September 2014
Short films (up to 60 min.) completed after 1 July 2014: 1 October 2014
Feature-length films (60+ min.): 1 November 2014

Is it possible to submit a film after the deadline has passed?
The Festival will make an effort to consider late entries, but because of the overwhelming amount of entries and limited time available, we cannot guarantee that your film will be viewed.

My film is not yet finished. Can I submit a rough cut or work-in-progress?
Yes, our selection committee is used to previewing unfinished films, and will judge accordingly. Please fill this out on your online entry form and clearly mark the DVD with 'rough cut'. Furthermore, do not send in more than one work-in-progress without notifying our programme department. Because of the enormous amount of entries, we cannot guarantee that your final version will be viewed by our programmers on a later date.

I have made a short film is there a separate entry form?
No the entry form for both features and films under 60 minutes is the same.

Can I upload my film for previewing?
The festival accepts uploaded files of short films (up to 60') only. We will only accept .MOV files with these technical specifications:

Video setting: Compression: H.264
Quality: High Bit rate: 3000
Encoding mode: multi-pass Dimensions
Optimized for: Streaming
Audio Setting: Format: ACC
Sample rate: 44.100 kHz
Channels: Stereo (L R)
Bit rate: 128 kbps
Prepare for internet Streaming: Fast start

For more information on how to prepare your Quicktime file for uploading read our IFFR Upload manual.

The file should be sent via filmfestivalrotterdam.wetransfer.com to programme@filmfestivalrotterdam.com

Please note: the file should contain your submission number which you will receive upon completion of the online entry form (e.g. 12345_title.mov)

I have uploaded my short do I also need to submit a DVD?
No if you have submitted your film via WeTransfer there is no need to send us a DVD.

Where should I send my DVD?
Please send it to the following address:

(express courier):
International Film Festival Rotterdam
attn: Programme Department
Karel Doormanstraat 278-B
3012 GP Rotterdam
The Netherlands


(regular mail):
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Attn: Programme Department
PO Box 21696
3001 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Can I send my 35mm film for previewing?
Although exceptions can be made, the festival does not accept any 35mm prints for preview purposes. Should the festival accept the request for a 35mm screening, the costs for previewing will be borne by the submitter. Please contact our programme department for further details.

Do I need to send a signed copy of the entry form after submitting my film online?
No, it is not necessary to enclose a signed entry from.

What is a director’s statement?
A director’s statement is normally a brief statement by the director about the intention of the film and the inspiration/motivation to make it. This document is usually half a page long.

I have sent you a DVD / .MOV file but haven’t received a confirmation email. Should I worry?
Due to the enormous amount of entries, it is possible that we are not able to fully process all entries at once. Especially at peak moments, you should expect to receive a confirmation of your submission at a later time than usual. However, if you feel that a number of weeks has passed without any reply, please get in touch with the programme department and mention your submission number.


What happens to my film once I have submitted it?
Your film will be viewed by members of our selection committee. If you are successfully selected, we will contact you by the end of December. The following guidelines are followed when sending out selection letters:
- Shorts: will be send out mid-end December;
- Features: will be send out mid-December until the first week of January;
Should you not receive an invitation letter before the beginning of January, your film was not selected.

Which screening formats are accepted for the festival if my film is selected?
Formats that can be screened during the Festival are: DCP, 35mm, 16mm, HDCAM (not HDCAM SR or HDV); presentation of other formats and video systems requires the authorization of the Festival. Please note that we retain the right to exclude the film from the programme if aberrant formats are submitted without our authorization.

For more information, please refer to our Rules and Regulations

My film was not selected, will I have feedback on the reasons why?
Unfortunately, due to the large amount of titles we receive each year, we are unable to provide feedback on your submission.

Will my screener be returned to me?
Due to the large amount of titles we receive each year, we are unable to return your screeners.

Information subject to change. Last updated: 13 February 2014.