44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Press services

<strong>Daily Tiger</strong>
Information on all press services at IFFR, like Press & Industry Sceenings, press conferences, the press office and desk, interview requests, press releases, materials etc.

Please do take a minute to first read the following information on the dates and structure of the screenings of International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015. It may help to plan and take full advantage of your attendance as an accredited journalist (for press accreditation click here).

Save the dates
- Opening Night Wednesday 21 January 2015: Opening Night screenings are available by invitation.

- The regular public screenings take place from Thursday 21 January to Saturday 31 January 2015. On the last festival day (Sunday 1 February) only prebooked screenings take place; these screenings are not open to accredited press.

- The Press & Industry screenings programme runs from Thursday 22 January to Thursday 29 January 2015. See more information below.

- IFFR's short and medium-length film section (Spectrum: Shorts) takes place from Thursday 22 January to Monday 26 January 2015.

- The Awards Night of the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films takes place on 25 January 2015.

- IFFR's Awards Night (Hivos Tiger Awards, NETPAC, FIPRESCI, and KNF Awards) takes place Friday 30 January 2015.

- The Audience Award and the Dioraphte Award for Best Hubert Bals Fund-supported festival film are announced prior to the screening of the Closing Night Film on Saturday 31 January 2015.

- The 32nd CineMart takes place during IFFR 2015 from Sunday 25 January to Wednesday 28 January 2015.

Collecting your IFFR press badge / Administration Fee
1. Upon arrival, first collect your IFFR press badge at the Accreditation Desk in the IFFR Professionals Centre 'de Doelen' (Willem Burger Foyer, 3rd floor). Please note that IFFR charges an accreditation fee of €50 for press accreditation, payable in cash or by credit card. Your IFFR press badge is available from Wednesday 21 January 9:00 hrs. After paying your accreditation fee, you will receive your press badge and a free copy of the IFFR 2015 Catalogue.

2. After collecting your press badge, please come to the Press Desk, also located at the Willem Burger Foyer of the IFFR Professional Centre at 'de Doelen' to receive additional press information.

Please read on for an overview of the services available to IFFR 2015 accredited media:

- Press & Industry Screenings
Accredited guests and journalists are welcome to attend the extensive programme of IFFR Press & Industry screenings. As public screenings tend to be very busy and are often fully booked, we strongly advise you to schedule your personal programme around the Press & Industry Screenings.

As an IFFR press badge holder, you do not need tickets to the Press & Industry Screenings. Simply present your badge at the entrance of the Press & Industry Screening auditoriums for scanning purposes.

Paper versions of the entire programme of the Press & Industry Screenings will be available for media during the festival. Pick up a copy at the IFFR Press Desk. Any changes in scheduled times and titles will be published in the IFFR Daily Tiger and on the IFFR website. You can always get the latest updated version in paper at the IFFR Press desk.

- Press Office
The IFFR Press Office offers information on the festival organization, the programme, CineMart, the Hubert Bals Fund and all other IFFR events. During the festival, the Press Office is located at IFFR Professional Centre 'de Doelen' (3rd floor, right behind the Press Desk). IFFR Press Officers will be present for comments, information and upon request for arranging interviews with the IFFR staff members.

- Press Desk
The IFFR Press Desk is located at the 3rd floor (Willem Burger Foyer) of the IFFR Professional Centre at 'de Doelen' (entrance Willem Burger Zaal). The Press Desk team will assist you in finding your way through the festival and handle your interview requests. Upon arrival in Rotterdam and collecting your IFFR press badge, please also come to the Press Desk for further information.

The opening hours are:
Wednesday 21 January – Wednesday 28 January 2015 from 9:00 till 20:00 hrs
Thursday 29 January – Saturday 31 January 2015 from 9:00 till 18:00 hrs.

Any member of the IFFR Press Desk team is ready to answer your questions and arrange for your interview requests. As each of them is specialized in a group of festival titles and associated attending talent, please do not hesitate to ask for more information.

- Interview Requests and Interpreters
IFFR accredited media are invited to contact the Press Desk for arranging their interview requests with attending talent. If possible, interviews take place on a one-on-one basis; there is a possibility - in agreement with the filmmaker - of a photo call and an interview room. We ask for your understanding if the attendance period of talent does not allow for all interview requests to take place. For interview schedules with directors from films acquired for distribution within the Netherlands, the IFFR Press Desk collaborates with the distributors' representatives. In case an interpreter is needed during the interview session, the IFFR Press Desk will arrange for this.

- Press kits
Upon request, the IFFR Press Desk will provide additional information about feature films and documentaries within the IFFR 2015 programme.

- Film stills
From Thursday 15 January 2015, film stills of IFFR 2015 titles (if available, in high resolution print quality, 300 dpi) are available for free download. Prior to 15 January 2015, please request stills via e-mail to press@filmfestivalrotterdam.com. Still prints or transparencies are not available.

- Trailers / film clips
For television broadcast or online use, IFFR provides free use of clips and/or trailers from a selected number of IFFR 2015 titles in digital form or on DVD. Please check in advance to see if a trailer or clip is available.

- Camera and sound crew / Audiovisual registration
Media using camera or sound crews are asked to contact the Press Office well before the festival period. Non-accredited media with camera and sound crews wishing to report on the festival have to contact the Press Desk or Press Office to notify their presence.

Please note that registering audio(visual) material of any IFFR film screening is strictly forbidden. Filming at a screening is restricted to introductions and Q&A's only. To register for IFFR 2015 events such as Award Ceremonies and further information or assistance, please contact the IFFR Press Office.

- Mailboxes
The mailboxes for accredited journalists are located at the Press Desk, on the third floor of 'de Doelen'. You are kindly asked to collect your mail regularly.

- Press releases
IFFR sends out e-mail press releases with news about the IFFR, CineMart and Hubert Bals Fund activities throughout the year. All press releases are available online on the IFFR website. During the festival period, prints of press releases will be available at the Press Desk.

- Press Conferences
IFFR has no regular schedule of press conferences but prefers to offer one-on-one or roundtable interviews. If IFFR organizes Press Conferences or Photo Calls, information is available at the Press Desk. An invitation will be distributed through e-mail and your festival mailbox at the Press Desk.

- Video library
IFFR Press Badge holders are welcome to use the IFFR Video Library to view festival titles individually. As the Video Library is open to all our Press and Industry guests, we ask for your patience should no viewing seats be available, especially during the four-day CineMart event (25 – 28 Jan 2015).