44th edition 21 January - 1 February 2015

Publications & Advertising

Reach a large and varied audience by advertising online or in one of several publications issued by the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

In 2013 the festival was visited by 280.000 people and about 2.500 national and international film professionals (directors, producers, press). Spread over twelve days, 243 feature films (of which half were premieres) and 311 shorts were shown on 26 screens in Rotterdam.

The festival knows its wide and diverse audience very well, so you can be sure your advertisement is seen by the right target group. The IFFR visitor is between 26 and 65 years old (60% 26-45, as many men as women), higher educated and with a large interest in arts and culture. About 88% of the festival audience live in the urban agglomeration, and about 50% live within a fifteen kilometer reach of Rotterdam.

New: advertise online (only in Dutch)
The website filmfestivalrotterdam.com is the beating digital heart of the festival. The number of views starts increasing in the fall and reaches its peak with the announcement of the festival programme and the start of the festival itself. Between March 2012 and March 2013 the website had about 618.000 unique visitors and 5.8 million views.

From mid-December 2013 until and during the festival it is possible to advertise on the festival website in three set periods. A banner is placed in a loop with a maximum of three other banners, in the right section on the website.

Moreover, as of IFFR 2014, it is possible to put advertisements in the newsletter of IFFR, the Tiger Alert. This newsletter appears every two to four weeks and is full of news about the festival and exclusive updates from the festival frontline. During the festival, the Tiger Alert is sent out every day. Through a banner in this newsletter, your message is sent to over 17.000 subscribers.

IFFR Industry Manual
The essential Industry Manual contains information and full contact details of all CineMart and Industry guests present during Rotterdam. After the festival the Industry Manual serves as a who's who of the leading players in independent world cinema.

IFFR Catalogue
The catalogue is the complete and essential English guide to all festival films and events. With a circulation of 3.000 copies, the catalogue is distributed to all international festival guests, as well as all press in attendance. After the festival the catalogue acts as an essential ongoing reference guide.

Daily Tiger
The English business pages of the daily festival newspaper provide industry news, features, analysis and previews of the films selected for this year's event, as well as updates on all CineMart and Hubert Bals Fund activities. Full-colour throughout, the Daily Tiger is available in all festival locations.

With a total of 280.000 visitors, the twelve days of IFFR form an effective channel to promote your company and message to both an educated and adventurous audience and more than 2.500 guests from the international film industry. IFFR offers you various options to be optimally visible among its large audience.

Your logo on 2.500 bags being carried around and be visible all festival long in Rotterdam, or on the 5.000 lanyards that generate wide visibility on the streets, too? We would gladly help you come up with the perfect way to reach your specific target group and goals.

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